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The <20€ European open robot kit(work in progress)

The purpose is to make a bill of material to make an easy to build, easy to hack, cheap and full of features robot.

There are various builds, so it's better to list components that fit the bill (easy to use, cheap and readily available from arduino kits and chinese e-commerces)


Servos maxing out

Hi, I recently got some servos online with intention on making a spider bot controlled by an arduino. I've connected them up to a seperate power source (4x AA) to the board and with the first set of 3 no problems. But as i've gone to add more they started acting rather strange. When I apply power to the servos they sometimes all max out try to go beond their limits, if I disconnect the power from the servos and board and restart they sometime works, but only for a short amount of time before going back to maxing out.

Programming PWM

Hi, I need to program a PWM but I have no idea how.

Does anyone have a program for PWM or just a good article on how I can make my.


I have a project where I need a total of 6 PMW's but the largest amount of hardware PWM pins I can find on a chip is 4.


I use Flowcode or C

cooling fan 2

Hi LMR wizards,

I'm wiring a cooling fan into my robot, it's a 5v fan and will be blowing air across my voltage regulator's heatsink. The regulator is used to supply power to my servos, some LEDs, etc.

As far as my knowledge extends, a DC motor shouldn't be powered from the Arduino, without using a motor driving circuit, as a motor can feed back electrical power and damage the chip. I don't know if this is still the case, if it's just running from the Arduino power, or only if running from a pin?

Wild_Thumper I2S interface + controlled by PS2

Hello colleagues. I'm doing the robot controlled by PS2 gamepad. as the driver of the motor I use

TREX controller

in charge of the flooded sketch Wild_Thumper.

RIP Lumni!

Lutz, LMR name: Lumni is ..dead!

Lumni was LMR member for 4 years and 15 weeks..

Recommendation of H-bridge

Hi awesome robotics enthusiatic people 

I'm in the need for a good reliable H-bridge for two projects, however I always like to buy something with the posibility of using it for an upgraded project, therefore I am interested in knowing if I can use a 25A conteniously Dual H-bridge when 
the motors I use only draw 5A each. or would I be better of picking a H-bridge with can support 5 or 10A?

I'll use an arduino Mega as microcontroller.

Wild Thumper with T'Rex and bluetooth module acting weird and unexpected

Welcome !

I've just received yesterday wild thumper 6WD with T'Rex controller, DAGU bluetooth module and 6DOF robotic arm .

As soon as it was possible i tried to set up chassis with controller and bluetooth module and have some fun with it. ( I was looking at the stairs near my flat for few weeks as one of the things i'll have to climb !! )

L6203 motor driver

Hi, I'm making an RC car and as motor driver I'm using the L6203.

It has 2 inputs, 1 for pwm and 1 for a bit to choose direction.

But it doesn't seem to work.

Can someone help me with figuring out how I can program it?

ATmega328 EEPROM Options?

I would like to utilitize the 1K of EEPROM on a Pro Mini project to store variables/arrays of type int and float, but without much knowledge on the topic, the direction to go is not clear. EEPROMex or EEPROManything or something else. Are any of these options deprecated or just unnecessarilly overly difficult? I hope to get some advice on the most up-to-date libraries/techniques LMRians are using. I enjoy the learning process and a nudge in the right direction would be appreciated.

Ping Sensor and Led use

Hey guys,

I was wondering if you could offer advice.

I have built the avoidance robot.

I would now like to add to it.

I would like to add leds and 

possibly a speaker, so when the 

robot approaches a wall maybe the leds turn on. When it reverses maybe it beeps.

How would I do this.?

How do I incorperate it into the code. 

By this I mean say for example

If ping distance is less then 5cm then: led on

type of thing?

My coding is practically non existant. I am still learning

cooling fan

Hi all,

Does anyone know, if a cooling fan should blow air over a heatsink, or suck air over a heatsink?

Keep the answers clean, please guys.


(Link to ridicule page.)

Powering Arduino Nano from a 3.7 V LiPo battery


I've been investigating about powering an Arduino nano with a 3.7 V battery, but so far I found that 5 V is recommended. However I found some projects online with a 3.7 V (Lipo or not) and working:


Do you any have experience with this? Thanks!

vpn for china

So I've found myself in Shijiazhuang in China and will be here till the 12th June. I can't access youtube or google and I just wondered if anyone might know a decent vpn software to get around the Great Wall.

I downloaded one from cnet but it didn't register and installed some other crap I didn't want. Is there a reliable recommendation or is there no hope of getting normal access here?

My two cents in memory of Lumi

Lumi meant a lot to me, and a whole lot more to this awesome community. Yesterday, I went rolling over past memories of Lumi - his time spent on LMR and other places around the world - and came up with a short tribute to this great person.

It's shocking, but life goes on. We all will miss you Lumi.

Use a mosfet instead of high amp rocker.

I tried to find a larger current rocker switch locally and can't seem to locate anything.  I thought maybe I could use an N channel mosfet controlled by a digital pin (d4) on the arduino to power the 30amps the motor controller needs for the 2 motors.  An additional benefit (I think).  Is that the arduino and the logic side of the motor controller will be powered before the motor voltage/power is turned on.  

servo motor with 360 control

Hi there,

I was wondering if there are servo motors out there that can turn 360 degrees and beyond and still act as a servo motor where it can go to specific position and have holding torque.


flying autonomous drones

What type of software would you recommed for a flying robot arduino,beagleboard,rasberry pi,etc.