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Initiate a Project

Hello everyone, I just want to ask what are the steps you guys taking when starting a project?

-jump directly into finding the circuit in google and then build it?trying to design the circuit? try first to reseach what are the component need to do the project?

Arduino Vs Strain gauge

Hi all, thanks for looking!

Im building a project (not a robot sorry) which is using strain gauges. I have found this EXCELLENT guide online:


Ive built my project up on a breadboard, to see if my shiny new INA125PA works! It appears to, but i have a couple of potentially noobish questions! Ive set my sketch up to read A2 only currently. It is serialprint-ing analogue reads from the Pin, and not doing any fancy pants processing yet.

AIs and conversation

I've been thinking about AI resently, and I have been stumped on the idea of how to make a robot/computer talk like a human. Algorithms like those used by cleverbot don't have a real "memory", and I really want a robot that will also take into acount a set of variables called emotions. What ideas have you come across?

How to light system

Hey guys, I am new to this forum but I am after some help!
I am after making a visual display showing a timer counting down with a few other extra lights.

did i burn my arduino


i accidently touched the 5v and the gnd of the arduino togethe for less than a sec

but it disconnected from the computer and refuses to be programmed or to execute tge current program

the reset button is working when i press is the led 13 blinks and then stays on

but no programming is accepted

what did i burn?

avrdude : stk500_getsync():not in sync: resp=0x00

thats the error the shows up

Radio control K9 Build

Hi all, I know the tag says there are no stupid questions but i appologise in advance as i am starting at the very very bottom rung of a very tall ladder. 

As an avid Dr Who fan i am strting a build on a full Size K9 model (to sit next to the Dalek and tardis). Obviously having it sitting in a corner is boring so i need to radio control it. 

Being a newbie i asked a around and was given sooooo much information it almost made things worse. I need to buy everything to make it go and perform a few tasks. 

OddBots rover 5 encoder code

So OddBot has posted some very interesting code on his service droid page: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/39492 (see downloads revision 2 code. This should give better speed control of the motors. I have a Rover 5 with 4 motors/encoders and mecanum wheels. The wheels don't work very well, so I want the best possible speed control of the motors. I would like to convert OddBots code so it works on my ATmega1280. 

Now I don't really understand how the code works... I'm not going to post the full code, it's a bit to long. But this part is the most interesting:

upload arduino pro mini without usb/ttl converter

Hi, I haven't an usb/ttl converter. How can I program this arduino pro mini using  arduino 2009?

I tried to remove atmega328 from the arduino 2009 and to connect arduino pro mini in this way:

arduino pro mini                   arduino 2009

GND                                   GND

Hey..um, Max...

I came across this article while looking through UTA (local research university where I've done some course work). 

I'm thinking, we start making the inner-structure of one of your tasty gifs.  Then, when UTA finishes...well, we make one of these:

pwm with arduino and l293d

Hi I have just finished my first robot build uploaded sketch and discovered one motor running faster than the other i am trying to slow down faster one with pwm on enable pin  but i just cannot get it 2 work with pwm pin 10 on arduino connected 2 enable pin motor just wont turn at all if i remove pwm pin motor turns please please help my sketch compiles and runs no probs even if i remove power to both enable pins on l293d so im guessing it a wiring problem

Unknown Charge Rate of eBay LiPo Battery

I don't suppose anyone could help me discern the charge rate for this eBay Bluetooth battery?

It's marked "AHB56174 OPA"

It's 3.7v, 365mAh.  I can't seem to find even a hint of a datasheet.

At this point, I'll accept wild guesses.  I'll just make sure it sits outside while charging :)

problem in my arduino?


i wanted to make a simple project that catchs the heat and the light via light and heat sensors

i tested the heat sensor it worked perfectly

i tested the light it was good too

but then when i compined them both so the arduino reads this and that , it reads the light sensor right

but reads the heat sensor wrongly?

Rover 5 Bent Motor Shafts?

In my continuing quest to get a working rover I noticed that the "front" two wheels of my chassis were much harder to turn than the back. 

Attached you'll find an (blurry) image comparing the front shaft alignment to the back. I think the angle is pretty obvious. So the question is, is this a common issue with a simple solution? Should I just grab a pair of pliers and try to straighten it? Or is this cause for getting a replacement? Thanks in advance!

Comprehensive AI vs. Intelligent Utility

We should take refuge in the fact that very crude systems can accomplish an awful lot. Elegant capabilities are nice, but often unnecessary. -George Devol, Inventer of the the Unimate Robotic Arm.

This piece may be a little deep for most hobby roboticists, but it will be of great interest to some.  If for example you're just interested in making small toys that run around your desktop following a line or avoiding obstacles then you can probably ignore it.

Delay of turning either left or right

Excuse me Sir LMRians,

I already have the needed materials here for a robot like what Mr. OddBot's http://letsmakerobots.com/node/29105 . and I'm planning to have the design that wouldn't like a puppy, but it may look like wall-e...and also, im using 2 IR range sensors instead of IR Compound light sensor(cause i still dont know how to use IR Light sensors),and i would like to do the same thing what the puppy bot of Mr. Oddbot...


inorder to let the bot follow a human, i would like to do like this


Rover 5 Basic Power Wiring Question (With Spider Board)

Hello All!

 I've just purchased a bunch of parts that I hope to turn into a working rover. Before I start wiring things up I've been looking for some clean pictures on how to get started. I found this image:


Arduino Servo library and softwareserial library conflict


I need some help for this.

I am using arduino UNO and i have connected a GPS to softserial and a servo to pin9 and when the software runs the servo and softserial fights. I check online about the issue and it happend to many people and still i am unable to get a solution for. 

I even tried almost all combinations of solution from internet and it did not work. When this happening some times servo works and other times GPS works. 

hope to get some support

how to control my robot?


i have got these motors http://ram-e-shop.com/oscmax/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=218&products_id=2360 and i supply them with 4* 1.2 volt 2500mah nimh battries and they work perfectly

but the problem is whenever i try to connect them to the l293D motordriver to control via the arduino they like lose 30 percent of their total power they become too weak!

how can i solve this problem? whats the problem?