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Quadcopter PWM frequency problem?

Hello Everyone,

I've started building a micro quadcopter. The main body is about 4.5cm long, and 4.5cm wide. Below is a picture.

why dont I see robots with turning wheels like rc cars do

I understand that some robots just use motors all four or two wheels but why not make a more commonly used practice of making the stering wheels turn

problem with robodog project

hi there

I'm building a robodog which have a car body, I used a servo to move it's tail, and easyvr shield to listen and execute voice comands, and motor shield to move the 4wd chassis, but whenever I say start the servo get stuck at the last rotation and starts vibrating, I tried to increase or decrease the times the servo move but I get the same problem each time, can anyone help me?  

Power For Motor Drivers (L298N and L9110S) and NanoATMega328 based Bot


I have been posting elswhere about building some low cost Avoidance Bots for a school robotics club. We have been using these L298N motor drivers but advice on here is that although they are handy and cheap the voltage drop is significant.

The motors are similiar to these.

connecting bluetooth module to T'Rex board to control a wild thumper


In my university's lab we have a wild thumper that we're able to control through T'Rex board as a main controller and through I2C and UDoo board, but when we connect a bluetooth module to the T'Rex is connects and the TX LED is on and the app is connected to the HC-05 but the robot does not move a single bit. None of the motors is responding to the app...The exact sample code loaded on the T'Rex website is used and I can't figure out what's the problem... Any help?

Converting R/C Truck to Autonomous?


Hello Everyone,


L9110S logic level question.

Hi all,

For my robot I like to run my l9110s motor driver that I got from eBay and 2 dc-motors directly from a 7.2 volt battery. This should work together with an arduino nano. 

 However.. will this motor driver accept the 5v signals that come from the arduino? Or will I need a voltage level shifter?


Any advice welcome :-)


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Arduino Nano ATMega328 (CH340G Clone) is it dead


I have been using a Nano ATMega328 (CH340G Clone) this one here and its been working fine however earlier today during an upload my Mac decided to switch itself off?

Now the red light (power) comes on but it does not respond to anything else, the USB serial port is also not recognised, meaning that it is not communicating.

Dagu mini pan/tilt kit and another question

I'd like to try using the Dagu kit for another purpose (non-robotic) and I'm wondering what voltages I am supposed to feed the motors?  Also, to reverse motor direction, do I just reverse polarity?  I want to use the Dagu mount for a small camera (webcam).


How to fix suspension problems @ mecanum bot

I finally have my mecanum bot up & running and did some testing today (http://youtu.be/81F_xTLLb2w). I found the bot drifting due to a lack of traction (not too bad on the video, but erratic behavior elsewhere in the living room ;-). The alloy frame is pretty rigid causing not all four wheels always to be firmly on the ground. Looking for solutions I encountered the idea of dividing the chassis in two parts that can rotate (twist vertical) relative to each other (see pictures). My question regards the "rotation component". What is this for component and were can I buy it.

Anyone else excited about Chappie?

Not going to lie.  When I watched District 9 I had the thought: "Man, I wish Blomkamp would take on Asimovian dillemmas."  

Openscad PhoneHolder

Link to github
Actually modeled after a NGM Legend 2(an android phone), but i added a height parameter, so it can be modified.
I count to add more files later to the repo.

STL Viewer (beta)

Rotate: |

Kossel Mini Hotend Question

I'd normally ask Hoff these questions, so it's with a bit of sadness I ask others.

Does anyone know where I could get an effector for my Kossel Mini printed?  I've come to the conclusion Hoff was right about my cheap eBay hot-end and would like to switch out for the E3D v6 hotend, but my fear is I won't be able to print out the respective effector given the cheap hotend I have.

SG92 continuous rotation servos

I remake 2 continuous rotation servos sg92 9g 4.8v and put 2 resistors 2.2k and the i connect to arduino : set point to 97 deegres servo turning slow but not stop. one of motor stops and one slow spining its maybe becouse resistor ar 2.2k but inside are diffrent resistance?

Using two power supplies with one on / off switch


I have built a robot using the parts listed at the end of this post.

I have been having trouble with the code and getting the motors and the servos to work with the detector but I now believe that this is due to a lack of power.

I am only using 1 x 9v Non rechargeable battery. I can add another 9v battery or use 4 x AA 1.5v batteries.

The problem I have is how do I only use 1 x on off switch? Could I connect this to a common Gnd? 

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