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Servo programming

I have 3-9g servos and would like them to move simultaneously and individually. I am using the arduino sketch app.

Is this the best software to use or can you reccomend something else?


Dagu Mini Driver: What driver do I use?

So, just plugged in my mini driver! Blue light flashes and red one stays solid, but I cannot seem to get it to work because...

I am unable to install the right driver on my device right now (COM9). Nor will the Arduino IDE recognize COM9. I point the computer to the right folders, and it does not recognize any drivers. I do it myself and am unable to install any driver (Bossa Program Port or otherwise). I have tried with the mini driver being off and on, neither works. I am running windows 7.

What am I doing wrong?

Wiki Sneak Preview

A little sneak preview of the new wiki.

The mini mobile robot

Here's a practical use for omni wheels. Check it out some time: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1686304142/the-mini-mobile-robotic-printer

What about a camera ?

Hello ! I actually have several questions. I want to make a robot with a camera. How do you best incorporate a camera in a robot ? do you use an IP camera with its own microcontroller or do you use your own microcontroller and connect the camera to it? also what streaming mechanism is better to use to transmit video from the robot to a computer, bluetooth or WiFi ?

Sorry if my questions are scrambled, thats because i have no idea yet how am I going to build the robot i have in mind !!

Thank you

Just A Big Question

Well My BIG question is:

Can you tell me how did you manage to send the video from camera to internet and control it ? Also do i need to upload any specific program on the raspberry to do that?


Security Bot For My House

Hi There,

I recently start to desing and build the same time a security bot for my house.The idea is to add a camera some sensors and that's it. I will open my netbook or pc login into the network and drive this from anywhere. But i need some help with it vision i want to put a usb camera and i don't know how to transmit it on the network. And then i saw a wr703n mini router. I will put a battery to supply my bot and the same time the router. Is this going to work or ......? 


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Linear Actuator Control

This is the setup that I am trying to make:

Can anyone please recommend a motor controller for this setup, that requires no encoding?

RC Transmitter Potentiometer

Wondering if anyone could give me some help please. I'm trying to understand the problem, let alone a solution.

What I want to do is control via RC a 24V DC motor and a linear actuator. On the remote control, I would like to build a In/Out button for the linear actuator, and a dial (numbered knob) for setting the speed of the DC motor.

Dagu Rover 5 gear problems

I need to find replacement gears for my Rover 5.

Is there metal gears out there?

how to convert strings to double.



i am using areduino and i am reading a file from sd card then i get two string values and use in another fuction which need double to be parsed. so is it possible to convert strings to double ? if so let me know.

Need Help Please. Beginner here

I bought this 4wd arduino uno robot kit. i am confused in wiring this properly, sensor shield is v4.0, can someone help me getting this done?


555 Solar-Wind Controller -- For Ossipee

Ok.  I'm building a parts list for an SMD version of this guys 555 Charge Controller.  So far I've replaced,

Stepper Motor Mounts

These new stepper motor mounts allow you to integrate stepper motors into your robotic project that requires precise position control.  By incorporating the .770” and the 1.50” hub pattern, it is easy to connect nearly any Actobotics™ component including channel.  Mounts are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum for superior strength and durability.

Wireless Controller advice

I have an arduino board and a picaxe board.  I'm looking to dabble into some wireless stuff but im not sure which way to go and what i need.  What would you guys reccomend for me to get as my first wireless contorller system?

Also not sure yet what project im going to use it for just brainstorming now.

Miller solar engine

I am currently building a solar roller using a miller style solar engine. If I let the capacitor charge then attach the motor to the circiut everything works fine. But if the motor is attached it does not work. I was wondering if I had connected something wrong or if I have to disconnect the motor to let it charge? I hope this makes sense. Thank you for your help.



What sensors make sense on a simple gripper arm?

I just purchased a dagu MkII gripper,  and am making a 5dof arm for it.  I do not have any experience whatsoever with operating a robotic arm/gripper.   What sensors make sense on this?   I know servo feedback for grip force, but does a gyro or accellerometer make sense?   I can visually see the full range of motion with the Raspberry Pi cam, but would feel better if there was some way to gaurantee "level"....