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1/27/09 Hello, this is my first robot on LMR, but i previously have built 1 other robot. Read more
Not much... Yet
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This is my first robot. i'm not really sure if it counts as a robot yet because i havent added any sensors so it can only do what its code tells it to. The main … Read more
Navigate avoiding ostacles, Line follower mode.
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Yes, Another Wall-e type Robot! This is a RAD 2.0 old robot base, that have suffer a serios transformation. I cut the first free wells and mounted over the rest … Read more
A robot moves on the wall and ceiling.
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Hello girls and boys !!!This is my third robot. He moves on the metal wall or ceiling. Read more
Hi everybody, this is my first entry here! First entry for my first robot, so let me proudly introduce you my junkbot :     I found the instructions on Make … Read more
face the light with it's evil grin
  Features Lenght: 75 mm  Width: 60 mm  Height: 54 mm  Weight: 44 g Free Forming Technique Read more
06, March, 2009 first test                     Read more
Follow me carrying a 30kg child.
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    2008-05-18 The deal is, this 'bot will (hopefully) follow me around. For me the challenge is to do something bigger than Lego scale.   So far, I have … Read more
This is my first experiment working with the XBee modules, and I thought it would be cool to control Farrusco. So, … Read more
This PowerSmart head circuit was solarized, courtesy of Darrell Johnson, and dubbed the Solar Power Smart Head (SPSH). The SPSH circuit has been tweaked from time … Read more
Built it to work and learn the MS Robotics Development Studio
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This was built to start using the Microsoft Robotics studio. The Lego is a stock NXT with a "Crystal Reaper" track set. Some sensors are not part of the NXT kit and … Read more
Physi rides around on 2 toothbrush heads.
Ok, so it's not really a robot, it can't make decisions nor can it think what-so-ever because it has no microcontroller. However, running on vibration motors from … Read more
it's the ultimate solar rover based on Picaxe 18X it soaks only 25 uA in idle mode it have a brain it's i/o modular through 2.5mm strips it's efficient it's small … Read more
I have been lurking here for a while, and I thought I might let everybody in on my bot in progress.  It is a differential drive robot with an ir distance sensor … Read more
Not much. It's a testbed for me when learning some programming.
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hi this is another "my first robot" kind of thing. Got inspired after seeing the robots on this page and bought a picaxe 28x1 kit and a pair of motors with … Read more
Collect small objects and move around obstacles
  Hey Y'all,   Well, this is Sir Golden-Tail.  SIR Golden-Tail.  Not Golden-Tail, or Sir Gold, Its SIR GOLDEN-TAIL!!!!   In fact, me and my friebd had a … Read more
RobotΔ. I am almost finish this project i use PICAXE 28X1 and SRF05  the code need some adj...   Cool...... Read more
Well, if Servo Writer is a robot, then so's WhizzyWriter. Here's the motor. This was the X-axis motor from a printer (the one which pulls the print head across the … Read more
jump a bit, falls upside down
Another foamboard bot   this one has 4 legs and a pan/tilt mounted Ping)))   Read more
Well I've started work on a new robot, with size in mind. It's setup is somewhat similar to the "start here" bot, but it's actually got a chassis and something to … Read more
Here my little Robot, Walter... I had all the materials so I couldn't help myself.  Hope you enjoy! Read more
This is Mr. Basic.  He is a work in progress.  Right now he is waiting to receive his first set of commands.  I know he doesn't look like much, but he's a nice … Read more
A pummer is a solar powered self activating LED flasher. Pummers are nocturnal critters that soak up sunlight during the daytime, then get active at night. … Read more
Zweirad Roboter
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Hallo, This is my second robot with Picaxe 8M. The Robot has: - two gearmotors RB-35; 50:1; 12V, -12V; 1,2Ah, - Picaxe 8M, - one mechanical sensor mith 6 metal … Read more
Mini Sumo Robot, uses IR for ring and other robot detection
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This robot was built to learn PID control of motors, I use IR shining through holes in the one of the gears in the gear box. IR is used for Ring Edge detection and … Read more