Let's Make Robots!
A week ago I had the idea of building another lab supply. MetalmonkeeLad (Keith) suggested sharing it with the LMR lot so here we go. Read more
Float, sail, tow, look small in the middle of a pond, harrass submarines
Hi. This is my first project post (but not my first project), so sorry if I've done anything wrong. I'm not sure if I'm OK to post this, as it is an RC model, but … Read more
It will print plastic parts when it's done ... hopefully :)
    LMR, meet BumbleBee ! BumbleBee, meet LMR :) This a new printer I'm working on, a very different design compared to the Prusa Mendel. I'm doing it because the … Read more
If you are a fan of show Warehouse 13 you will recognize the Farnsworth. There are many examples of replicas for the Farnsworth, which the characters of the show … Read more
I don't know why, but now the ideas that are coming in my mind are about rc cars. On one hand, I wanted to make an off-road radio controlled car, which I did (my … Read more
Eight Lights with two pins Clock and Data
I was working on my Picaxe 28x2 robot from http://letsmakerobots.com/ and I wanted lights and I needed more sensors. I had four input pins left. With the 28x2 you … Read more
gives ur robot a pleasant smile!
ive been always dreaming of making a robot friend since childhood (so does everyone?) and the first thing u might think of,is his/her face!well making a physical … Read more
Meet Viz! Some say he's just a pretty face, but he wasn't born yesterday... He was born last Thursday. Parts and Materials: Read more
I always wanted to make this thing :D :D It's not big thing, just that I didn't find anywhere an rc car that can pass big obstacles, but in the same time to have … Read more
It spreads soldering smoke, so you don't have to breath it.
  This is a project I made to help me with soldering. Because breathing smoke is not nice. This is the mechanism to set the direction. It can just be set up or … Read more
Picaxe Board with very small dimentions: 2.1x2.1x2.6cm (0.826x0.826x1.023inches)!
Board was Updated! Version 2.0 is done. :) I have created this small Picaxe08M2 Board so it can be integrated in small robots or other projects which require small … Read more
Generates dynamic password for a machine
I've got a request from a colleague to create a password generator for a specific machine.  This machine will ask the user to input an admin password which is … Read more
It doesn't do anything yet.
Recently I wrote two programs for a PICAXE-28 microcontroller. Currently I do not have a robot but I am looking for UK suppliers. The first program is based on the … Read more
Creates and indicates a random number
The Chaot is my contestant for the LMRv4 Donor Appreciation Robot Challenge.  The machine creates a random number using physical chaos and combines the random … Read more
Being bored as shit on a rainy day, I started to search the scotch tape. So I didn't find it, but I found some wine bottle stoppers and some toothpicks, and … Read more
You could use this to drive 2 DC motors, 4 servos, and get sensor data like sonar sensor; all wirelessly using a smart phone for control. Support the project if you like it. Give a buck or $10 if you don't want to buy one but would like to support its development.
The Ard-Vark is a simple to use box that allows you to drive servos or DC motors and get input from sensors, and easily control on your smart phone. It is a project … Read more
  Hello, this is my cousins 1975 Spectrum DX electric guitar. I've been learning to play it and wanted to do a couple popular upgrades. After a bunch of hounding … Read more
An ATmega328 and L293D based variable speed and direction motor controller
NTRODUCTIONThe GOduino II is a self-contained Read more
This is my MIT acceptance tube hack. MIT asked us to hack our tubes, and so I did. "What does it do?" I am glad you asked! It falls over when something walks in … Read more